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156 KM

The Ultimate Dowinder will take us 4 days in total, we will do an average of 42 km a day. Some days we do a bit more than 42 km and other days a bit less. Throughout the route we will have support from the Jeeps and Buggy on the beach. We've also arranged two local riders; guiding and helping us on the water.


During the route everything is taken care of; luxury Pousadas, breakfast, lunch & diner, support with spare kite gear and a professional photographer/ drone pilot documenting this epic adventure!


Lagoinha - Mundao

The first day will be between Lagoinha and Mundao. The perfect start following a beautiful coastline covering close to 50km.  From Mundao we will head back to Guajiru. Where we will stay another night in the comfortable Villa in Guajiru.

he first leg is perfect for getting acclimated to Brazilian wind and wave conditions which are very stable around 22 – 25 knots. At the end of the day we've got time to reflect and head early to bed for another intense day on the water. 


Guaijiru - Icaraizinho

During our second day we will cover the longest patch of the Downwinder route - around 58km. The more experienced Directional Riders of our group will be in true heaven, as you'll be cruising down a coastline with never ending waves!

Our day will end at Pousada Vila Mango. The perfect place to relax and have a delicious, special seafood dinner prepared by a local chef.


Caetanos de Clima - Ilha do Guajiru

The route today will be a bit shorter- around 30km in total., but not less spectacular .We will encounter the first challenge, as we will be crossing the river, what can get quite tricky with the current. Our local guide will help us determine the perfect time to cross and stay outside of the danger zone.

Our day will finish on one of the most popular lagoons of Brazil: Ilha do Guajiru (Guajiru Island). A kiter’s wet dream when it comes to flat-water riding. The pousada where we'll be staying is connected to this lagoon, appropriately named Wind Village.


Praia de Aranaú - Jeri

The first part of our route needs to be covered by car, as our Buggy is unable to follow us on the beach. And due to the multiple river mouths we would encounter, it'll make it to dangerous to cover this part by water. When looking at the map above, you can find this little gap between the dailly kite routes.

We will still cover around 30km this day and kite alongside a postcard-looking scenery. Our journey will end in Jericoacoara, famous  for its nightlife and amazing cuisine. 

Put your feet up and enjoy a well-deserved cold beer- You've made it!