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Who are we?


Our crew was formed across multiple trips around the globe. Whatever kite destination we visited, creating memories and raising the bar was always on top of our list. We form an international crew of experienced kiters and all bring valuable local knowledge and unique strengths to the table. We believe that this knowledge is the secret to our formula of organizing the best experience with a high level of comfort. 

The company was founded by Vincent Braakman, whos love for the sport began 6 years ago. From the moment he started kiting, his life changed from work a 9 to 5 for a big corporation to following his passion/heart in pursuit the next kite session. Windguru took over the most prominent spot on his phone and all his leisure time was spent on his favorite hobby. Together with his passion for travel, sharing adventures with others and entrepreneurship, starting Ultimate Downwinder in 2018 is his true calling. 


When you finally get up on your board during your first couple Water starts, the first thing you learn is riding upwind. This does save you  the walk-of-shame on the beach, but the scenery doesn’t change much during your sessions.

During Downwinders the scenery changes all the time, it’s perfect for experimenting with new jumps and tricks, playing in the waves and exploring the coastline. And just like riding upwind, you’ll need to go through a similar learning process when riding long distances downwind. On route you could run into patches of more- or less wind, the current could increase significantly, boats or ships could cross your route and the weather conditions could also change rapidly. All these factors can make this unique kitesurf activity quite adventurous and at times, dangerous. 


We also believe that Downwinders bring kiters together, as kitesurfing can be quite an individual sport. When participating in a group Downwinder, exploring a long distance coastline, sharing moments in the water, it becomes a bonding experience.


Holidays are all about creating the best possible experience from the moment you've booked the trip. That’s why we only work with partners that offer the best locale quality and focus on total service throughout the trip. The facilities should be top notch. You want to relax and recharge the battery from a full day of kiting with comfortable beds, the best local cuisine, swimming pools or lush beaches to lay back and enjoy well-deserved cocktails.


This is why we love doing Downwinders and keep searching for the best locations across the globe to organise Ultimate Downwinders.



Do you share our passion? Join us during our next epic experience!